E03 (BR103.0)

Class E03 (001-004 : 4 locomotives)

In 1965, at IVA (International traffic exhibition) DB announced their new electric locomotive - E03. They were built by Henschel AG (Kassel) and Siemens-Schucket Werke. The length of E03 was 19.5m, height 4,152m, output power 5,950kw, max speed 200km/h, wheel arrangement Co-Co.
The livery of E03 was beige/red (TEE livery), and the color of the roof is silver. E03 had styling styling and this stylling has attracted many railway fans in the world. (fig.1)
At first, 4 E03s were built, and demonstrated 200km/h running between Munich and Augsburg. In 1968, the numbering system was changed, and then E03 was called 103. After the starting of the mass production of 103, these 4 prototypes was called 103.0.
Though three locomotives of E03 was delievered with the pantographs of lozenge type, but only one with those of single-arm type.
In 1979, the pantographs of all 103s were exchanged to single-arm type, SBS65. Of course 103.0`s pantographs are exchanged. (fig.2)
Later the color of the roof of 103 001 is changed to cream, like 103.1. (fig.3)
In June 1985, 103 001 ran at 283km/h (Speed record of German railway) with three wagons.
Until 1988, 103 002 and 004 were out of service, but they are preserved. (103 004 was a museum-loco.) The number of 103 001 and 003 were changed to 750 001 and 002, and they came to be used for DB`s private business. 750 001 (103 001) and 750 002 (103 003) was already out of service. Then 750 001 was named 103 001 again, and is preserved.

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