ET403 InterCity
In Germany, most passenger trains are still operated by passenger wagons hauled by one or a few locomotives. But in the 1960s or the 1970s, some electric-multiple units were built. Class 403/404 is one of them.
In 1969, the development of a new emu - ET403 - for InterCity started, and three units of prototypes were completed in 1973. They were allocated at Bw München. One unit of ET403 was composed of four 1st class cars - two end car (Class 403 / 403-100), an open-plan coach (Class 404), and a dining car (Class 404-100). The mechanism of ET403 based on that of class 420. Class 403 and 403-100 were built by LHB, class 404 and 404-100 by BBC, trucks of all cars by MAN, electric equipments by AEG, BBC, and Siemens. Each car has four of 240kw motor. The seating capacity of class 403 and 403-100 is 45, class 404 is 51, and class 404-100 is 39 (21 seats are for restaurant), The trucks have tilting function, but probably it was not used.
In 1974 they entered in daily service. First they were used for IC180"Albrecht Dürer"(München - Bremen) and IC189"Hermes"(Bremen - München). Everyday two of three units were used for these trains. But ET403 had some problems.
(1) It was not easy to adjust the change of the number of passengers
(2) Each cars are too expensive

From 1979 summer, 2nd class coaches are coupled to all InterCity trains, and ET403 which had only 1st class area retired from daily service.Then Et403 was used for special trains bound for Switzerlands, South Germany, and so on. In 1980, ET 403 was moved to Bw Hamm. In February 13 and 16, 1981, ET 403 was operated as TEE 24/25 "Goethe" (Dortmund - Frankfurt).

ET403 "Lufthansa Airport Express"

ET403 Düsseldorf Flughafen (Photo by Y.Nishino)

ET403 Düsseldorf Flughafen (Photo by Y.Nishino)
In 1982, Lufthansa and Bundesbahn started operating a new type of train - Lufthansa Airport Express. For this train, Lufthansa chartered ET403 from Bundesbahn. From January to February in 1982, three units of ET403 were rebuilt, and the color scheme of them was changed. The new color is light gray /yellow with Lufthansa's symbol and the logo "Lufthansa Airport Express".The interior became similar to that of Lufthansa's DC10, and galley was attached to each cars. Tables were attached to all seats of compatments. The seating capasity of one unit became 122.
The service of "Lufthansa Airport Express" started in March 1982 between Frankfurt Flughafen (Airport) and Düsseldorf Hbf (From 1983 summer, Frankfurt Flughafen and Düsseldorf Flughafen). Everyday two units arew used in a day, and the other unit stopped in Düsseldorf. Sometimes one or a few cars are coupled to a unit, and operated as 5 or 6 or 7-cars-unit. In 1988 summer, the interior was rebuilt again, and the seating capasity became 140.

When it enters the 1990s, ET403 became old, and ET403 needed repair. But the cost was too expensive. And the charter contract between Bundesbahn and Lufthansa espired in 1993. As a result, the service of "Lufthansa Airport Express" ended in 1993 spring. And ET403 reteired from daily service. Then all units of class 403/404 were transferred to BD Nürnberg, and they are still there.